I was born in Palma in 1982. I studied photography for 4 years and started in the audiovisual world in 2003, working as a production assistant in a Norwegian film project. Since that time I´ve been working on film industry with differents local productions companies, as Palmfiction, Twinpics or Palma Pictures.

From 2007 I`m working in the location department working as Location Scouter and Location Manager and currently working as Location Manager with Palma Pictures.
The photography studies and my love for it has helped me in my daily work to be able to show with pictures, what Mallorca can offer as a film location, from clear beaches to spectacular mountain roads, including the fields and landscapes from the interior of the island or the narrow streets in Palma old town.

Now, in 2017 I´m very proud to win my first award for my work on «The Night Manager» with Tom Howard with whom I have learned a lot to continue working on film projects.

I love Mallorca, I love the mountains, I love the sea, so I love my job.


WINNER 2017  for «The Night Manager»

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